Michelle Cannon-Spessard



Founder of BlueRibbons4Justice and Paternal grandmother to Justice.   After suffering the tragic loss of Justice (4 1/2 months old) to child abuse, my husband and I initiated an effort to change the law in Maryland that would increase the penalties for those found guilty of child abuse and subsequently assisted in getting Justice’s Law passed in 2012.  The Law can be located for your perusal under the NEWS tab.  With Justice’s Law being passed, that set fort the motion to make a difference in children’s lives that are being abused.  I am determined to not let Justice’s  death be in vain and in his memory, I am on a crusade to bring awareness to the public in PA about child abuse and educate the community and financially support Over the Rainbow Children’s Advocacy Center of Franklin County, that we assisted in getting implemented.  If we save one kid from abuse, we have accomplished what we set out to do.  BlueRibbons4Justice is changing the world one kid at a time!