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Matthew Smith Rides Bicycle to Las Vegas for Child Abuse Awareness



In January 2007, Justice Myers-Cannon, 4 1/2 months, was brutally beaten by his mother’s boyfriend, justice8Floyd Bingaman III.  Bingaman shook and beat Justice and left him in his crib, according to charges filed by the Hagerstown Police Department. By the time the child was found, the damage had already been done. Justice was taken to the hospital, but passed away a few days later.

After Justice had passed we have since dedicated our lives to ending child abuse.

BlueRibbons4Justice is a non-profit organization seeking to promote awareness for child abuse and abuse victims.  Our current goal is to bring awareness to everyone.  We are seeking to make state registries and records of individuals who have been identified by protective services or the local judicial system that have committed abuse or neglect, open to the public.  BlueRibbons4Justice is based in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.  Feel free to look us up on Facebook @ BlueRibbons4Justice or online at

BlueRibbons4Justice has helped numerous children and families.  We have also worked to pass the first stage of Justice’s Law in Maryland.  Also, BlueRibbons4Justice was a major contributor for acquiring a Child Advocacy Center in Franklin County Pennsylvania.


“My name is Bob Spessard, I am the Co-Founder for BlueRibbons4Justice; my wife Michelle Spessard is the Founder. 

We have been working for the last two years on the idea to make an abuse registry open to the public.  We know that a registry already exists at the state level, police officers as well as screening services for employment have access to this registry.  Having this registry open to the public will provide the information needed so that you can decide if an individual is a good fit to be around you or your family members.  By making the registry public it could also Identify individuals with a record of child abuse or neglect as well as helping to mitigate risk from known child abuse and or neglect offenders.

Michelle and I would go into Greencastle and attend the council meetings at the borough hall around February every year. We want to ask permission so we can place blue ribbons on the parking meters and telephone poles in April.  We do this in the month of April because it is child abuse prevention month. Matthew Smith is a Councilman for the Borough of Greencastle, Pennsylvania.  A few months ago, Matthew contacted me and spoke about wanting to take a bike ride from Greencastle, Pennsylvania to Las Vegas, Nevada.  According to Google this trip is 2,555 miles and 214 hours traveling by bicycle!  Wow!  At first, I thought that he was kidding and I let the idea go.  Matthew persisted and later contacted me again, he brought up the trip a second time.  We spoke briefly and then decided to go to breakfast and discuss the trip.  Matthew says that this trip was something on his bucket list, he was going to do it anyway and he wanted to make the trip even more meaningful so he decided to team up with BlueRibbons4Justice and help bring awareness to the representatives, delegates and councilmen in all the cities and towns along his route.  BlueRibbons4Justice relies on donations to make sure we can provide the best services possible for awareness and abuse victims.  We have a DONATION link set up on our Facebook page that takes you to our PayPal account and our website has the donation link as well as mailing information.  Please help us by donating today.

BlueRibbons4Justice Thanks Matthew Smith with all of our hearts!”

IMG_20171008_174557Matthew Smith will be departing from the Borough of Greencastle this Sunday 10/15/17 at 7am.  He has a backpack that’s full of inner tubes and equipment for tire changes and repairs.  Matthew has stated that he will be riding all day only to stop for a short break to snack on power bars and peanut butter.  For rest, he will sped the night at hotels along the way.  If your reading this then he is coming to a town near you.  If you see Matthew in his BlueRibbons4Justice shirt please give him a honk for support!  He will greatly appreciate it!


BlueRibbons4Justice is honored to have such a great man make such a physical and mental sacrifice for abuse victims nationwide. We will speak with Matthew each night to make sure that he is safe and will pass along updates on his progress.  We ask that you pray with us for Matthew’s safety.  Help BlueRibbons4Justice by donating via PayPal today.  Visit

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Call Bob @ 301-992-6871 or e-mail; Matthew Smith; Bob Spessard





Matthew Smith Rides Bicycle to Las Vegas for Child Abuse Awareness
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